Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Shifting Attitude

There are several blogs about mothering that I visit with frequency. Two that I read every day as they have touched me beyond entertainment. Jennifer also has triplets and has an inspiring and positive way of reflecting on the challenges and joys of this crazy life. Ann is the wife of a farmer, raising six kids and she is a beautiful writer looking, listening, longing for God...in the hallowed experiences of a very ordinary life. This post from Ann has been on my heart since I first read it and has really been a kind of mantra for me this past week. Moving from I have to... to I GET to. What a privilege it is that I GET to mother these little boys, make a life with this man I love. I'm out of time this morning (I GET to wake the boys for school now) so I will post more about how I have been moved to action later. In the meantime, here's the post from Ann:

How to receive the opulent gift of today....

"I GET to?!" Me? Really?

Yes, I too shake my head trying to make sense of why I am allowed to...I GET to grind the wheat, make the bread, and spread the day’s nourishment out on that farm table to fuel little tummies, to keeps arms and feet dancing, eyes sparkling…. I GET to offer sun-dried clothing to cover lengthening torsos, stretching limbs…… I
GET to be asked what is the substance of fire, how putting gas in the van
actually makes the van keep moving, and how does a country keep printing
money….. I GET to place soft bum cheeks in spotless white diapers….. I GET to
read slices of Swiss Family Robinson, Winnie the Pooh, Much Ado about Nothing,
Rudyard Kipling, Richard Scarry, and the Trial of Socrates….and that’s just this

I GET to do this!!! How did I end up here? By His grace. All of

It comes in the mail, those flashy invitations to limitless
possibilities with just a plastic square of silver, platinum or gold. And the
words: You have just been approved.

Well, those “You have just been approved”
exclamatory greetings pale into sickly invisibility when compared to what God
has approved---allowed---every day this heart surges: to LIVE!

Today I will try whispering it in wonder ---and begin to feel the rustle of kid-like glee and giddiness:


Let everything that has breath praise the Lord.

Lord, forgive me for every "I have to..." I have ever grumbled and dragged my feet and heart through....Let be dance with delight that I GET to live the life You approved, allowed, bestowed! All's Your grace. So please, Lord, grant the grace to praise, too.

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Michelle & Curt said...

Danielle -
I read your entire blog today... what an excellent idea! I agree that your boys are a blessing and they are so beautiful inside and out. Keep us posted by sharing more stories!