Friday, June 19, 2009

Our Local Harvest

just picked from our backyard garden...a truly "local" harvest :)

sugar snap peas, early radishes, dragon tongue beans and the last of the raspberries
farmer B - very proud of what he has grown!
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Monday, June 8, 2009

Indifference to injustice is more insidious than the injustice itself.
- Dr. Cornel West

Camping and Fishing at Lake Lanier

Summer Break Chronicles

A series on life with 5 year old triplet boys for the next 70+ loooong days of summer break.....

In an effort to keep a bit of order around here and to promote the idea that we all work together for the good of the whole (family), the boys have summer chores. There are 9 different tasks that I made little laminated cards for, using clip art as well as words, and they each randomly choose 3 cards per week for their chores (in theory, to keep them from getting too bored with the same tasks). The novelty of it has them very excited and all the jobs are much loved (so far) - especially the "bathroom cleaner" since I made a special bucket complete with gloves for this job. Anyway, to the point of the story...this morning as C was helping me move laundry from the washer to the dryer, a quarter fell out onto the floor. I explained that a benefit of being the "laundry helper" is that when you find money in the laundry, it is yours to keep. This made him very happy! A little while later, as I was busy with chores of my own, C excitedly ran to get a piece of paper and told me that his quarter was a "special writing quarter". He proceeded to show me that pressing and dragging the side of the coin on the paper produced a gray line. I made the appropriate oohs and ahs about his "special quarter" when he let this slip - "it even works on walls". When I asked if he had tried it on the walls, he realized his slip of the tongue and timidly replied "by accident". When I asked him which walls he had "accidentally" discovered the magic of his quarter on he said he could not remember and quickly removed himself from the conversation. I have not yet discovered the scene of the crime...