Friday, June 19, 2009

Our Local Harvest

just picked from our backyard garden...a truly "local" harvest :)

sugar snap peas, early radishes, dragon tongue beans and the last of the raspberries
farmer B - very proud of what he has grown!
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Rachel @ Called to Grow said...

This is some awesome stuff! I LOVE peas and used to get in trouble as a child for snitching the radishes before they were ready. Nice memory you spurred and nice memories you are making.

Tricia said...

Farmer B is adorable. What did you make with your bounty?

Danielle said...

Rachel - cute story!

Tricia - we ate everything as it was (we did cook the beans first but all else raw) and enjoyed every bite! One day we may actually make things with our veggies but lately, they all seem to get eaten on the way from the garden to the house or very soon after...