Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Worth Sharing

Cookus Interruptus

The word on the food scene is that we need to be feeding our families fresh, local, organic food for optimal health. Experts tell us to eat more plants, less meat and stay away from processed food. Home-cooking has never been more critical. But many of us lack the skills, not to mention time.

Help is on the web. Nutrition educator Cynthia Lair (author of Feeding the Whole Family, Feeding the Young Athlete and regular Mothering contributor) invites you into her kitchen for fast and fun DIY videos on cooking and family nutrition. She brings her expertise from 15 years of teaching nutrition and cooking at Bastyr University to the camera, while Steve and Jane (her cooking show husband and daughter) add reality and a dash of humor to the mix.

Learn what quinoa is and how to make it into a stupendous salad. Find out how to identify whether a food is whole or not. Ever wondered what to do with collard greens? What's the secret to frying tofu so it has great texture and taste? Cookus Interruptus has easy answers. Videos are organized into menus and new recipes are added every few weeks. Plus, you have a say. Leave a comment and request recipes or add your favorites. Influence the outcome of who Jane dates or what befalls Steve and Cynthia on their mid-life adventure.

It's educational, it's entertaining, and most of all it's accessible. It's about cooking wholesome meals while the tentacles of kids, husbands, phone solicitors, and missing strainers pull us in every direction. Bring your busy, wonderful whole self to Cookus Interruptus and learn to how make a perfect pot of quinoa or why sea salt is better. Visit www.cookusinterruptus.com or www.cookus.tv today.

*this entire review is plagiarized, I mean pasted, from Mothering Magazine

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