Thursday, March 6, 2008

Plan B

Clearly I am not keeping up with daily posting. I do want to keep the blog and I do want to use it for journaling this process of little boys growing up (and Mommy too), so my new goal is to post weekly...possibly more often if time allows but weekly for sure. Not even ready to commit to a day of the week - it may be Monday it may be Friday - who knows, but I will post at least once per week. This little ramble is not my post for this week. I will have a week in review up tomorrow - seriously, I will (try). Here's a sample of things that may be in that post:
  • The boys started soccer (1st time) and it is a hoot
  • New mommies - as observed at the playground and memories of my first year as a first time mom
  • sick kids (this is a winter long theme)
  • faith and politics - because I am feeling crazy
  • higher education - as in, I want to go to grad school next year but I think it may be a little delusional to think it possible, we'll see
  • whatever else I can come up with that seems slightly interesting even if only to myself

So check in tomorrow (night) and see what made the cut.

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