Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Vote Out Poverty

From September 10-16, 2008 people of faith across the country will be mobilizing their communities to ask their local, state and national candidates what they will do to address the pressing issues of poverty and opportunity in America in their first 100 days in office.

In communities across the country, people of faith will be calling and writing the candidates, holding forums to discuss these issues with civic and political leadership, engaging in interfaith community service to aid those in need in their communities, and otherwise highlighting the need for increased leadership on these issues.

What will YOU do?

With the convention spotlights dimmed and the partisan parties over, we still have two long months until Election Day. Don’t stay on the sidelines – now is the time to get involved. Get behind something meaningful this election season, something that goes beyond partisan politics.

Sojourners’ Vote Out Poverty campaign asks voters and candidates to make the needs of our neighbors living in poverty a national priority and to follow the lead of the church in serving the needs of all people.

The Vote Out Poverty pledge says that we want a national plan from the next president and Congress that will:Cut domestic poverty in half over the next decade, and Provide the leadership necessary to achieve the Millennium Development Goals, a set of international goals for reducing global poverty.

Commit today to help put poverty on the national political agenda by signing the Vote Out Poverty pledge!

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