Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Toy Guide

Resource Highlights Good, Wholesome Toys for Holidays

The Toy Action Guide is an invaluable resource—particularly at this time of year—for parents, teachers, or anyone concerned about the commercialization of children's play. It contains information on how to select toys that promote positive play and reduce the influence of harmful toys on children. There is a list of TRUCE's 2007-2008 recommendations for "Toys for Healthy & Creative Play." You will also find a list of "Toys and Toy Trends to Avoid," such as toys that lead children to spend more time with TV or other media, and/or let the screen take control of their play.
The guide also includes tips for making toys more environmentally friendly; resources for anyone with concerns about the toy recalls; and suggestions for "Shoe Box Gifts," an alternative gift idea that promotes play around themes with common objects often found around the house.
Download your free copy of the TRUCE Toy Action Guide today!

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JMom said...

Danielle- This is a really great resource. Definitely made me think! Thanks.