Friday, November 30, 2007

My Hands Are Full, But So Is My Heart (Part 2)

So, the original post on this topic was a bit of a long background before getting to the point of the phrase. In short (ha, ha), I am intensely aware of how blessed we are, how blessed I am. Our boys are healthy and thriving. And this was so poignant for me this Thanksgiving. More cliches, but life is so very precious. Having Kelly just home from a frightening few days in the hospital, sharing our lives with these amazing little boys, recognizing the miracle of their existence. Seriously, I felt my heart could burst with all the emotion. This triplet journey has been a bumpy road. We (Kelly and I) have been challenged in more ways that we thought ourselves capable of surviving. We've had to grow up and hold on even when we'd rather not have done either. And we're still hanging on. And we are so grateful. Thanks to everyone who has supported us in ways both big and small. I really will elaborate on all of this sometime...when I have time (maybe when the boys go off to college). For now, in the midst all of the chaos, the busy-ness, my heart is full and that is worth my hands being full. I can't imagine any other way...

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