Monday, December 3, 2007

Learning, Growing, Changing

The title of this post is not about the is about me. Learning to evaluate why I am parenting the way I am, how it is affecting my children, is it necessary and /or good? Growing in my limited understanding (or lack thereof) of what it means to parent, to mother these little children. Changing (with not so much grace) my attitude, behavior, my beliefs. I get it intellectually, I really do but it is so hard to make change in the trenches. In the midst of living this crazy life, to redirect my thoughts and actions, to really be mindful of what is happening right now at this very moment is a mental effort that is sometimes exhausting and I often fail. But the reward is so great when I am true to what is right, when I am living what I believe, when I am the mother I so want to be for these incredible children who deserve nothing less than the very best I have to offer. So there's this blog that I love and this post is particularly insightful with regard to all of the above. Check it out...

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