Monday, December 10, 2007

Morning Fun

Thanks to the warmer than usual weather, we spent some time outside this morning.

The Wise Guys thought it was a brilliant plan to race down the hill in our backyard. Not on foot. That is too simple, too "normal". They were racing in ride on cars and tractors. As fast as they could possibly go, lifting their feet off the ground and letting the speed and slope take them where it may. Crashing into each other makes it all the more fun! And then we had a re-creation of Jackass ...C hit a dip at the bottom of the hill and was thrown forward and his car, with him inside, flipped completely forward and over onto the roof. I watched from the top of the hill without breathing. A moment of hesitation, and then he started screaming. Running down the hill I had the thought that I should not move him (Mama Drama) not knowing if he had injured his neck in any way. But my little scrapper wiggled himself out and upright with nothing more that a bump and bruise right between the eyes. Just a regular morning around here.

And check out his clothing selection on this fine day. Crazy kids...

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