Saturday, December 15, 2007

Coming Soon!

It's been a week of sick at our house. We've all had winter colds making us tired and grumpy - never a fun mix with pre-schoolers. And poor B and H had a little more than the usual. A first, very painful, ear infection (B) and pneumonia that sent us to Urgent Care and the pulmonology office (H) - along with a full day of fever and vomiting (also H) have delayed my "schedule" for getting last minute Christmas tasks done. Glad to report that everyone is on the mend - but Christmas cards may not arrive before the 25th! I'd planned to write a personal note and/or send a Christmas letter about our very eventful year with these nutty boys...not happening now!! So if you have any interest in what 2007 was like in the crazy house, please check back soon - I will try and post our Christmas letter here on the blog. Not sure when but I will try for no later than the New Year (this probably means sometime next June). Wishing everyone a magical Christmas and a very Happy New Year! Much Love...

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