Monday, February 4, 2008

Lessons in Love

Love is patient.

And hard.

Love is patient. How can I be patient in the tipsiness of this domestic chaos? How can I be patient in the pain of now? When vocal cords pitch screams, when tears brim and fall, when the clock keeps ticking steadily ahead and we just keep sputtering, stumbling along? I want to strive ahead of here, into the future where we all stick to the script of buffed perfection.

Deep breathe. Love is patient. And it strikes me, an epiphany over the fry of bubbling pancakes, “Love can only be patient when it is first grateful for what is right now.”

Spending a few minutes to read this in it's entirety has made an impression on my heart. Take a moment and check out The Order of Love by Ann Voskamp

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