Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Picture Memories - H

The biggest of our babies at birth, H weighed in at 3# 13 ounces. He had a head (and body) full of hair and the round cheeks of a little chipmunk stocking up for winter. In appearance, the most durable of the babies, now our smallest little boy - our firstborn son - is the kindest, and most gentle of our brood. He has a compassionate heart and striking blue eyes. A personality that can charm the socks off ya and a passion for numbers that is quickly exceeding my mathematical abilities. His true love is baseball and he is always thinking or dreaming about it (he has actually told me that I will be watching him play baseball on television when he is bigger - and that I should wave to him). He is one amazing little boy. Here are a few pictures of his beginning and one captured just a few days ago...

Birth Day
Snuggle Bug
My Sweet Boy

He's already breaking my heart with those eyes...

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