Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Vocabulary Continued

As I handed out bottles of water to take with us to the playground yesterday, B proudly let me know that he was being very respectful for his water today. Helping another child and checking off my mental list of what we needed, I thought I'd misunderstood and asked him to repeat himself. "I'm being respectful for my water"...what? And then I realized what he meant. We have had multiple conversations about being respectful and responsible (as in for your own stuff - Mommy cannot possibly keep track of and carry everything!), though not necessarily at the same time. When I asked him if he meant that he was being responsible for his water he looked at me like "duh" and said (in a tone indicating the "duh"), "yes, I am being responsible for my water".

While picking the boys up from school today, B rushed out to greet me exclaiming that he had caught "so many holy molies today"...the translation for that would be roly polies (aka pill bugs). His teacher had a good laugh at that, as did I.

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